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Britain leads thousands of aid and diplomatic projects around the world.
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White helmets

The Syrian Civil Defence, known as the White Helmets, are a group of un-armed volunteers who risk their lives every day to help their fellow citizens.


Everyday heros

Britain has given more than £5 million to support and train thousands of civil defence search an...


Search and rescue

Britain has helped to train and equip thousands of civil defence search and rescue teams througho...



The UK has committed £2.46 billion to the Syrian crisis since 2012.


Safer Spaces for Women and Children in Lebanon

UK Aid for Syrian refugees includes safe spaces for Women and Children in Lebanon.


Supporting Syrian refugees to start their own businesses

Support schemes in Lebanon to give women jobs and livelihoods.


UK aid helping to create livelihoods

UK aid helping to create livelihoods for Syrian refugees in Lebanon


Education for Syrian refugee children

The UK is supporting a UNICEF initiative to provide 70,000 children with education in Lebanon


Refugees in the Bekaa Valley

More than 400,000 Syrian refugees live in the Bekaa Valley, an area affected by heavy snowfall