Britain Helps - Lebanese school keeps Mohammed's dreams of being a doctor alive

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He looks like any other student in Lebanon – but this young refugee's achievements are against all the odds.

November 30, 2018 | admin
Mohammed is thriving in a DFID, British Council and UNICEF-supported school.

Mohammed, 18, looks like any other smart, young student in Lebanon.


He loves biology and is studying to get into university – and recently came second in the whole country in the national Lebanese exams.


But Mohammed achieved all this against the odds through support from UK aid.


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His family are from Darayya, near Damascus in Syria, a hotspot for protesters in the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad.


In 2012, troops loyal to Assad besieged the suburb where several hundred thousand people lived at the time.


Mohammed’s family fled Syria shortly after. They have rebuilt their lives in Lebanon with support from UK aid.


Mohammed is thriving in a local school in Lebanon that receives support from DFID, British Council and UNICEF.


His father, who owned his own restaurant in Darayya, has also found a job as a chef in a traditional Lebanese restaurant.


Now Mohammed is hopeful for the future, dreaming of one day becoming a doctor.


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